Customer Relationship Management

Client development and maintenance drives the development of each business. Numerous organizations have and are embracing CRM answers for create a solitary brought together unit to arrange, computerize and synchronize their business forms, along these lines prompting higher business effectiveness.

  • It is safe to say that you are driving business development and equipped to ingrain client dependability?
  • It is safe to say that you are giving a rich and captivating background to your clients?
  • Do you see deals leads come in yet can't see them decipher to the new clients you might want to see?
  • How well is your deals group oversaw?
  • Is your present CRM result helping?

Alternately would you say you are attempting to embrace a present CRM and are having inconvenience getting it to correspond with the legacy framework your organization has dependably utilized for CRM related exercises?

CRM counseling is more than only the following wave of machine helped advertising; it is a to a great degree successful method for working together.

From overseeing deals and advertising, to giving better client administration and specialized help, CRM counseling empower organizations to handle the 3 P's, viz., individuals, business forms & methodology; and projects more proficiently and successfully than at any other time.

At Spageo Tech, our CRM specialists direct an itemized study and dissection of your prerequisites and business forms, and give you a tweaked CRM answer for help. The result created empowers our customers better comprehend the conduct of focused on clients to create and administer durable associations with their clients.

We have incomprehensible encounter in modifying, joining and actualizing CRM frameworks inside the existing frameworks or courses of action of the customers. We have capacities, in combining the accompanying CRM segments;

Deals Force Automation, incorporating incorporation with different correspondence channels (email, VOIP, fax, and so on)

  • Client Service through social event and reacting to client demands, and so on.
  • Promoting, for example, overviews, bargains advancement, cross offering and so forth.
  • Research and Analysis through different devices in this way empowering associations to comprehend and break down client data.

The Spageo Tech group has worked with open-source CRM programming, for example, Sugar CRM; building and mixing custom modules, empowering work streams, venture administration, in-profundity reporting et cetera. Furthermore likewise work with Splendid CRM (based .NET) that joins together the profits of open source with less demanding mix with other Microsoft innovations.

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Client Testimonials

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  • Ruth Nellore“ Spageo Tech has done an excellent job in developing a multimedia presentation for our application. We had very demanding time lines and requirements for the presentation... ”Project Consultant, Web Development Company, USA
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